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2022 GMB Spring / Summer

2022 GMB

Divisions of Play

AAA/Major Division

The AAA/Major Division is designed for the most competitive and select teams. GMB’s AAA/Major Division Team is the most talented and highly skilled level of play and provides these teams the opportunity to compete with the best teams at your age in the GMB Marketing Area.

  • USSSA – AAA/Major Level Teams
  • Super Series – National Level Teams
  • BPA – Gold and Platinum Level
  • Nations – Elite and Premier
  • SWOL - National and American Gold
  • Midwest Ohio – D1

A/AA Division

The A/AA Division is designed for the competitive semi select teams. GMB’s A/AA Division is designed for the teams that strive for a competitive and sound level of competition  that matches up with their squad. These  teams are typically made up of stronger league teams that have made limited cuts, play  35 – 45 games a year.

  • USSSA – A/AA Level Teams
  • Super Series – American Level Teams
  • BPA –  Low Level Gold and Silver Level Teams
  • Nations – Low Level Elite and Select Level Teams
  • SWOL - American Silver and American Bronze
  • Midwest Ohio – D2

Single A / Rec Division
GMB American Blue

The Single A / Rec division is designed for teams that play league and 3 to 4 tournaments / year. These teams selection process is usually limited to league players, league drafted players and/or school based developmental level teams. 

  • USSSA – Single A
  • Super Series – Minor Level
  • BPA – Bronze Level
  • Nations – Metro Level
  • League House Teams
  • SWOL - Continental
  • Midwest Ohio – D3