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2020 GMB Elite July 4th Invite

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Tournament Details

July 2nd - 5th, 2020
Ellisville Athletic Association Complex
10U thru 16U, 4 Game Min
Open Divisions - Play 9 Bat 10
(10U - 12U, $550) (13U - 14U, $600) (15U - 16U, $625)
* Age Bracket:

* Division Selection:

* Team Name:

July 2nd - 5th, 2020
2020 GMB Elite 4th of July Invite
Ellisville Athletic Association, Ellisville, Mo
powered by Prospect Dugout

GMB 4th of July Invite Schedule
July 2nd - Pool Games - 2:30pm Start Time
July 3rd - Pool Games 
* Cards Game 7/3/2020 - Pool Games Will Be Scheduled To Accommodate 7/3 Cards Tickets
July 4th - Pool Games
* Fireworks 7/4/2020 - Pool Games Will Be Scheduled To Accommodate 7/4 Local Fireworks
July 5th - Bracket Games
* 7/3 thru 7/5 - Pool Game Start Times - 8:30am

Image result for prospect dugout

Prospect Dugout is a nationwide exposure platform for amateur baseball players. Connecting players of all skill levels across the country, our platform highlights hidden talent!!
Join our 350,000 fans and follow us on all social media channels @prospectdugout

What to expect at a Prospect Dugout Sponsored Event:

  • Uniform Check
    Make sure your team is rocking your freshest set of uniforms! Each day, Prospect Dugout will post an in-game photo of a player from each team and ask our audience of over 300,000 to vote on which jerseys bring the most fire!! Uniform check photos will be posted exclusively on the @prospectdugout Instagram page (turn on post notifications

  • Highlight vVdeos
    Sweet grabs by the outfielder, a backhand play from the shortstop, or a nasty curveball from the pitcher: we make highlight videos from live game footage we film and post it on our social media channels.
    Player highlights and interactions will be posted throughout the event and the week following.

  • Player Engagement Videos
    Good at making Tik Tok videos? Want to get “mic’d up” for a couple of innings in your game? Want to try the Dugout Challenge? We will be selecting players from the event to participate in original content.
    Ever been on the big screen at the game? It’s kinda like this. All content will be posted to our social media channels so that the rest of the baseball world across the country can see what you’re up to!
    Players may sign up for this in advance by visiting our website https://prospectdugout.tv/july-4th-elite-invite/. Our discretion on videos and content.

  • Professional photos for team/individual: Stock up on HD action photos of your player to post on social media, send to friends, and keep as memories. Choose from in-game action shots, individual pose, and team/multiplayer pose. Photos can be used for banners, social media, and printed for pictures. Space is limited, and all spots must be reserved at our website: https://prospectdugout.tv/july-4th-elite-invite/

GMB 4th of July Invite Team Details
Open Divisions
4th of July Invite Weekend Line Up Rules - Play 9 Bat 10
15U - 16U, $625
13U - 14U - $600
10U - 12U, $550
4 Game Min
No Gate Fees 

9U and 10U – 46 x 65
11U and 12U – 50 x 70
13U – 54 x 80
14U and Above – 60 x 90

Game Balls Provided By GMB
Schedule Released @ 10pm Wednesday Week of Tournament

GMB Contact
314-753-0627 c
314-872-7009 o

GMB Hotel Contacts
Cat Young Impact Housing

Travel teams that require overnight stays for GMB tournaments are required to use one our approved 2020 Hotel Partners. 

Prospect Dugout Contact
Joel Hartman

GMB - Cardinals Game
Cards vs Brewers
Friday July 3rd, 2020

Micheal Palovcsik

For Over 20ea Total Tickets - Please Call Michael For Help In Placing Your Order